The Situation Room
Far far away, behind the word mountains, far from the countries Vokalia and Consonantia, there live the blind texts. Separated they live in Bookmarksgrove right at the coast.
Kamala Harris has never served in uniform. Then again, neither has Joe Biden, Donald Trump, or Mike Pence. However, the Trump administration has continually sought to de-escalate tensions in relations with some of our most staunch adversaries, while still maintaining peace through the strength of our military. Harris’ hawkish record on foreign policy speaks volumes. During her time in the Senate, Harris has continually sided with those seeking increased tensions in already deteriorating relationships with threats foreign and domestic. 

Over the course of Trump’s Presidency, Trump has made continued efforts to bring peace and prosperity to North Korea, doing things no US President has ever done. Kamala Harris has publicly criticized Trump for his efforts, leading us to believe Harris does not want peace and unification in the Korean Peninsula. This characterization of Trump's attempt at peace between our two nations suggests that peace talks with Kim Jong-un lead to a more dangerous world. In Trump’s dealing with Kim Jong-un, Trump has been equally friendly as he’s been firm. 

Harris’ provocations haven’t stopped there.  Kamala Harris told The New York Times in a June interview that she believed the US needed a continued presence in Afghanistan. In contrast, President Trump seeks to bring our service men and women back home, stateside with their families, instead of continually paying for peace in foreign countries with the blood of American soldiers. Just as Obama claimed to be aiming to bring our service members back home, yet continued a protracted war in the region, Kamala Harris will do the same if elected President. 

A Harris administration puts the world's largest arsenal at the hands of a hawkish globalist that’s continually sought to provoke our adversaries in ways that aren’t aimed at keeping peace. Foreign relations is a very careful game of carrot and stick Kamala Harris isn’t qualified to play. Could you imagine giving her the authority to lead the Situation Room?

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