Harris Against The People
Kamala Harris is immoral, has no principles and is out of touch with the values of the average American. Her career has been founded upon a political expediency that has had disastrous consequences on countless Americans while rewarding her with more political power. Her lack of character makes her one of the most unqualified people to ever be a heartbeat away from the Presidency.
The great entrepreneur Peter Thiel once said that when a great company is being founded the “first job is to get the first things right, because you cannot build a great company on a flawed foundation.” The same principle can be applied to many other areas in life including political careers. In 1994 while America’s collective political attention was focused on the palace intrigue of the scandalous Clinton White House, a 30 year-old Deputy District Attorney named Kamala Harris rose to political power by being the California State Assembly “Speaker’s new steady,” and receiving his appointment to a high-paying patronage job to the state’s Medical Assistance Commission. This was an affair that was not denied by her former lover and political patron Willie Brown. Self-serving career moves and lack of principle have been the flawed foundation upon which Kamala Harris has built her career on.

Could this flawed foundation of building her political career upon self-interest be the reason why Kamala Harris has flip-flopped on so many political issues?  With healthcare being one of the most important issues in our public discourse today she serves people on both sides poorly by flip-flopping on the issue.  She was one of the original co-sponsors of Bernie Sanders’ Medicare-For-All bill until she was pressed on the issue by Jake Tapper in a Town Hall.  In a later interview with Tapper she backtracked again while making one of her notorious condescending face-gestures claiming that “she just wanted to get rid of all the bureaucracy.”  So which one is it?  He flip-flopping isn’t just limited to health care but a whole host of issues including but not limited to Sanctuary Cities, legalized marijuana, the Death Penalty, race issues and criminal justice reform, legalized prostitution, and even whether or not her running mate Joe Biden is a racist.  The only consistent policy in her entire career has not been an America First policy, or a Socialism First, but a Kamala First policy.

One of the most egregious consequences of Kamala Harris’ lack of a political and moral spine is her treatment of African Americans as a “tough prosecutor” while talking as if she is some kind of civil rights leader, in order to further her political career.  Her political political campaign slogan while running for offices all the way from the courthouse to the White House has been “Kamala Harris for the People.”  What people?  The prisoners who were sitting in unconstitutionally crowded situations in her prisons?  The inmates she used to fight wildfires?  Kamala Harris was against the use of body cameras by police before she was for them and she was for a three-strikes law before she was against it.  Kamala Harris is a race-baiting liar who has dedicated most of her career to putting black people in jail, not improving race relations.  On the most important civil rights issues of our day Kamala Harris has a clear record of being against the people she claims to be for.  

If Kamala Harris cannot be trusted on civil rights issues, do you think she can be trusted when it comes to appointing Judges? The President of the United States not only appoints Supreme Court Justices but also appoints thousands of Federal District Court Judges that are trial court Judges that hear Federal Criminal and Civil cases. Would we get tough-on crime Judges, soft-on crime Judges or Judges that are asleep at the bench? Who knows? One thing that is for certain is that we would get Supreme Court Justices who will allow unlimited abortion on demand, continued rulings in favor of Obamacare and chip away at our freedom to worship God Almighty.

When examining the lack of consistency of Kamala Harris’s record in public life, one cannot help but ask the question, “who is going to be the next victim?”  Will it be the Little Sisters of the Poor who will be forced to pay for Abortions in their healthcare plan?  Will it be a Black father who is ripped away from his children by being falsely prosecuted so that a Kamala Harris Administration can score another political point?  Will it be a law abiding gun owner exercising their Second Amendment rights to protect their family?  Hopefully we will never find out.  We cannot afford to because Kamala Harris has destroyed enough lives in pursuit of political power.

An Ali Alexander Project