Kamala Harris, BAD COP
Kamala Harris claims to be a progressive. Particularly, she has campaigned on bringing progressive criminal justice reform in response to the deaths of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor. With riots ravaging cities all throughout the United States, is Kamala Harris going to bring the reforms progressives are demanding? The answer is no. Kamala Harris is a bad cop with a suspect prosecutorial record in California while she served as a prosecutor, district attorney, and state attorney general.
Kamala Harris’ record speaks for itself as to why she is anything but the progressive criminal justice reformist she claims to be. She started her career working in the Alameda County District Attorney’s Office prosecuting homicide, robbery, and child sexual assault cases.

In 2004 she became district attorney for San Francisco and this is where she established her notoriety for being a bad cop. Early on in her career as district attorney, Harris established herself as a “progressive prosecutor” by refusing to seek the death penalty for a man convicted of shooting a police officer and her “Back on Track” program in 2005, which allowed first-time drug offenders, including drug dealers, to get a high school diploma and job instead of prison time. However, things started to change as Kamala began to set her eyes on the attorney general of California.

In the last few years as district attorney, Kamala began to show her true colors. In 2010, she decided to criminally prosecute parents for their children’s truancy (staying away from school without good reason). This disproportionately affected poor parents and children. Many of those affected were families of color. Kamala laughed about it when she was asked to describe her view on the issue.

As attorney general, things did not get better for Kamala. Since she became California’s attorney general in 2012, she largely avoided intervening in cases involving killings by the police. She kept quiet after the killing of Michael Brown in 2014. In 2016 Kamala proposed a modest expansion of her office’s powers to investigate police misconduct. Critics described her as taking “baby steps when bold reform was needed.” She also oversaw 1,500 convictions for marijuana offenses between 2011 and 2016, and most of those arrested were black.

How is Kamala to be viewed as the antidote to the systemic issues progressives argue are plaguing the United States when she is THE embodiment of everything that is wrong with the system? She laughed at the poor families of color she was locking up as district attorney for truancy. She has disproportionately targeted blacks and other people of color throughout her career. She did nothing after Michael Brown was killed. She will not do anything to prevent another George Floyd or Breonna Taylor. Yet, with the country at a crossroads with criminal justice, progressives think Kamala is the answer? Certainly she is not. She is the system and she cannot be allowed to get anywhere close to the office of the Presidency. 

An Ali Alexander Project