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Kamala Harris supports a complete reversal of American-First trade policies, has an all talk but no action record on China’s human rights abuses and has dubious connections to political figures with close ties to the Chinese Communist Party. Kamala Harris cannot be trusted to represent Americans when it comes to China.
Last year when speaking to the Council on Foreign Relations, Kamala Harris stated that, “The greatest U.S. foreign policy accomplishment has been the post-war community of international institutions, laws, and democratic nations we helped to build,” despite the fact that these institutions have actively worked against US Foreign Policy interests. By making this statement Kamala Harris has signalled that if given the power of the Presidency, which she may only be a heartbeat away from, she will actively work to undo the foreign policy and trade accomplishments of President Trump.

When Vice President Mike Pence accused Kamala Harris of wanting to repeal President Trump's tariffs with China, not only did she not deny it but she doubled down and said that President Trump lost the trade war. I dare her to say that to the thousands of workers of the Amana Corporation in Iowa whose jobs were saved and denies the fact that the tariffs had a hand in creating over half million manufacturing jobs over the past three years. These are jobs that President Obama and other leading Democrats said would never come back.

Additionally, many more construction jobs were created in order to bring this manufacturing online. My father-in-law is the owner of a Union Masonry Contractor affiliated with Bricklayers Local 22 in Ohio. The past three years have been his busiest years he has had in the business, and most of his company’s jobs are in new manufacturing facilities. When Harris argues that the tariffs hurt farmers because of Chinese retaliation she ignores the fact that many rural communities and farmers are benefiting from increased manufacturing jobs in their communities. According to the U.S. Census of Agriculture most farmers don’t farm full time and rely on other jobs to make a living.

In dealing with China and their egregious abuses of human rights Kamala Harris talks a good game but it is unclear how she would take action. She has cosponsored the Hong Kong Human Rights and Decency Act and has called out the Chinese on their human rights abuses of the Uyghur Muslims however she shows no concrete way to hold them accountable. She also has expressed her willingness to cooperate with the Chinese in global issues like climate change. Based on the track record of the Chinese, any cooperation amounts to capitulation. The Chinese have a strong desire to get what they want when it comes to foreign policy and global trade and they have long term plans to carry it out. Harris' own words on cooperation plus her willingness to abandon America First trade policies put her in a position of weakness when dealing with the Chinese, not a position of strength.

What weakens her positions even further is her relationships with people who are friendly to the Chinese Communist Party.  Trevor London in a recent column in The Epoch Times makes a great point, “If Harris was to apply for a mid-level job in the Department of Agriculture, she would almost certainly fail the security background check. She owes her entire career to sympathizers or active enablers of the Chinese Communist Party.” One of her closest connections to people who are sympathetic to Beijing’s interest can’t get any closer.  Former San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown who not only self admittedly dated Harris but also helped launch her career, has had extremely close ties to Chinese authorities.  While Mayor of San Francisco he had a direct line to Chinese President and CCP Chairman Jiang Zemin.  This relationship was so close that Zemin’s Press Attache said that Jiang considered Brown a close friend.  Furthermore, Harris’s Chief of Staff Karine Jean-Pierre was active with the Haiti Support Network which has ties to the Chinese Communist Party.

With Kamala Harris’s support of a complete reversal of our American-First trade policies, an all talk but no action record on China’s human rights abuses and dubious connections to political figures with close ties to the Chinese Communist Party, Kamala Harris cannot be trusted to represent American Interests on China.

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