Kamala Harris, the first California Democrat to be on a major party Presidential ticket, has embraced the extreme radical policies of the California Democratic machine that has turned the Golden State into our country’s first Failed State.
Back in June of 2019 when the Democratic Presidential Primary was beginning to take place all of the declared Democratic candidates at that time, save Joe Biden attended a three day speaking event in San Francisco.  Kamala Harris, a native of nearby Oakland, didn’t shy away from her admiration of the political organization that she built her career in. “The thing I love about California Democrats is we are never afraid of a fight, and we know right now we've got a fight on our hands,” she said before the hometown crowd.  Is this something to be proud of?  Because it appears that when California Democrats fight and win, the people lose.  California has always been known for radical policies.  But in the last ten years, while Kamala Harris has been a statewide elected official, California’s policy failures have had exponentially disastrous effects on the wellbeing of the Golden State.

Well known and apolitical YouTube star Graham Stephan, a millennial that blogs about personal finance and entrepreneurship, recently announced to his viewers that he is leaving the once great Golden State where he grew and started making his fortunes in.  When touring Las Vegas when visiting a friend he noticed that, “There wasn’t traffic.  There wasn’t trash just thrown everywhere.  Prices were really affordable.”  Recently Comedian and MMA Announcer Joe Rogan said on a podcast, “I’m outta here.  Soon.”  Now Rogan is doing his podcast and business ventures from Austin, TX.  So if being from the party that has dominated California state government for over 20 years is so great than why are so many people leaving?  If Kamala Harris is so proud of this legacy, then maybe we should examine what role she had in the Golden State’s demise.

When surveying many former California residents about why they left the state one of the first reasons why they left is because of high taxes.  California not only has one of the highest state income taxes in the Union but also high sales taxes and a patchwork of local excise and business taxes on top of the state taxes.  This tax and spend approach to governing which has driven away many taxpayers from the Golden State is embraced by Kamala Harris. 

Over the years many people and businesses have stuck it out in California’s high tax environment because the opportunity cost of leaving the world’s 8th largest economy were too high.  But over the past ten years, the hidden taxes of increased crime, poverty, homelessness and a decreased quality of life have been the deciding factor in people taking their hard earned money out of the state.  This increase in crime happened under Kamala Harris’s watch as California Attorney General.  And while a United States Senator what has Kamala Harris done to address these issues?  Kamala Harris’s did introduce the Ending Homeless Act of 2019 which basically threw money at the problem by giving it to local agencies, but did nothing to address one of the main contributors to the homeless problem which is the exponentially rising housing costs which have been fueled by zoning regulatory requirements that make it less desirable for developers to build and rehabilitate affordable housing.  In fact, the only time that anyone wishing to build affordable housing gets a break from the overburdensome zoning regulations in major California cities is when one makes donations to Democrat politicians in corrupt deals that result in exemptions from the rules that everyone has to play by.  When developer Samuel Leong paid off Democrat politicians in LA to get approval for the “Sea Breeze” development in 2016, then Attorney General Kamala was silent and did not investigate.

Finally when one thinks about the failed state of California, one has to wonder about why California suffers from so many wildfires?  Is it the location?  Is it climate change as liberal politicians suggest, or is it the failure of politicians to act with common sense?  Whether you believe in global warming or not, there is one thing that nobody disagrees on, more fuel creates more fires.  What the mainstream media neglects to tell you is that our forests are littered with millions of dead trees, brush and overgrowth and this contributes to forest fires.  Kamala Harris supports the extreme environmental policies that have prevented controlled burns in overgrown areas, logging and proper forest management.  She has put the agenda of environmental extremists over the health of the forest and homeowners.  The orange skies that have glowed over California are a direct result of Kamala Harris and the California Democratic Party’s failed policies that have created the only “Failed State” in our Union.

An Ali Alexander Project